For Organisations

To gain accreditation we need 20 organisations and community groups across Bookham to get involved in the project and sign the Plastic Free Pledge. 

Plastic Free Community Pledge

Get in touch if you'd like to get involved. Some local schools have already started on their plastic-free journey. See our ideas below for things you could do that would qualify for reducing use of single-use plastic and publicise your support for the project.

If you're responsible for renting out premises that are used for events
  • Buy kitchen and toilet rolls wrapped in paper rather than plastic
  • Buy non-plastic cloths, eg cotton or compostable
  • Reuse plastic bags to line bins
  • Buy soap bars (not wrapped in plastic) or refill handwash bottles from a zero waste shop
  • Buy refills for washing-up liquid from a zero waste shop
  • Buy biodegrable wipes if used
  • Encourage hirers to take steps to reduce single-use plastic such as those below

If you're responsible for providing refreshments at premises, or at group meetings
  • Swap to plastic-free teabags
  • Replace plastic sachets, including single-servings of coffee, with bottles or jars
  • Provide metal or bamboo cutlery instead of plastic, or ask people to bring their own
  • Provide china or recyclable paper cups instead of plastic, or ask people to bring a refillable cup
  • Replace cling film with greaseproof paper, foil, beeswax wraps or reusable containers

If you're responsible for organising other aspects of events
  • Collect plastic bags for reuse on stalls or elsewhere
  • Use bunting instead of balloons at events
  • If you produce laminated posters, consider alternatives