Plastics Recycling

What You Can Recycle

We can't avoid single use plastic altogether so we need to dispose of it responsibly. On this page we've listed out some of the items that you don't have to consign to landfill. 

As a starting point, check the Surrey Environment Partnership page and download the Surrey Recycles app to see what can be recycled in your green bin, or at the Community Recycling Centre at Randalls Road in Leatherhead. We've also noted how to find out about local recycling schemes in Bookham,  and listed schemes run by national retailers below. October 2021: see recent posts on our Facebook page for updates on local high street recycling.

Kerbside Recycling

Things change regularly in the recycling world so always check the Mole Valley District Council Plastics Recycling page for the latest advice.

To ensure as much of your plastic waste gets recycled as possible, 
  • Rinse or wash containers where possible
  • Tops, lids and labels may be left on bottles and jars


Additional Local Recycling

    • Covid-19: Please check current arrangements. 
    • A comprehensive search facility for additional recycling schemes in Bookham and surrounding areas is now available on the Bookham Residents' Association website.  This will be updated at intervals so do let us know if you're aware of any new schemes or changes. 


    National Recycling Schemes

    October 2021: see recent posts on our Facebook page for updates on local high street recycling.
    If you know of any other retailers offering plastic-related recycling schemes, please let us know.

    • Many supermarkets have recycling bins for plastic bags and other soft plastics. The Bookham Co-op now accepts a wider range of soft plastics, as does Sainsbury's in Cobham, Dorking and Leatherhead. Tesco's are also trialling this - the nearest store with this facility is at Brooklands. Other supermarkets such as Waitrose accept plastic bags such as mailing wrappers, bread wrappers, the plastic bag from cereals sold in cartons, some frozen food bags etc - look for the 'Recycle with bags at larger supermarkets' logo on the wrappers.
    • The Body Shop has a recycling box in most stores to take back plastic packaging from toiletries and cosmetics (all brands, not just their own). 
    • Origins Skincare also takes back cosmetics and skincare packaging from any brand (nearest outlets are at House of Fraser in Guildford and John Lewis in Kingston).
    • Beauty Kitchen containers bought at Holland & Barrett can be returned to the shop and will be returned to be cleaned and reused